5 Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts

5 Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts

It's just about that time of year again when we enjoy spending that special day honoring our moms. Mother's Day is a lovely holiday. It reminds us that the warm sunshine and colorful tulips of mid-spring are in full swing. It also gives us the opportunity to set aside time in our otherwise busy schedules to show our appreciation to our mothers for all of their hard work in raising us.

Moms are always saying how they "don’t want anything" from us, and that we shouldn't spend our money on them, but, of course, you can't not give Mom a little something for Mother's Day.

On that note, here are five sweet gift ideas for Mother's Day. These ideas are also fairly inexpensive, which will make Mom even happier.

1.    Take Her Out for a Meal

This may sound pricey at first, especially since this is literally the same thing that everyone else is doing (especially at breakfast). However, some places actually offer moms a free meal for Mother's Day. Mom can enjoy eating for free, and you can enjoy a lower bill in that the only person you're paying for is yourself.

2.    Enlarge a Photo

Find one of Mom's favorite photos from your childhood, or maybe even a really great photo that she forgot about, and have it blown up and put in a frame. You can even check out Personal Creations for some nice canvases, blankets, and other neat gifts ideas that they make from family photographs.

3.    Flowers

While it is always nice to receive a bouquet from a florist, it can be disappointing when the flowers don't last very long. Instead of paying for an overpriced bouquet of roses that will wilt in less than a week, opt instead either for flower bulbs for Mom's garden that grow back every year, or even a bouquet of fake flowers. Mom can even plant those outside too, if she likes.

4.    Take Her Out for the Day

Is there something special that your mom has always wanted to do, but she has never gotten around to doing it? Maybe there's a particular museum she'd like to visit, or a play she wants to see. Depending on what you choose, this could become pricey, but it's always nice to receive a gift that Mom might otherwise never buy for herself. Plus, it'll be nice to do something with Mom that won't be overpopulated, since everyone else is busy going out to eat.

5.    Sign Her Up for a Class

Is there something that Mom's always wanted to learn, but she just never found the time to take a class? Is she interested in baking? Painting? Computer coding? Ballroom dancing? Some places offer packages of lessons that cost less than individual lessons cost. Imagine how excited your dance-loving mom would be to open an envelope containing a voucher for three ballroom dancing lessons to get her started? And hey, if you sign her up for a baking class, then the rest of the family gets to enjoy the benefits of the goodies she learns to make!