Choosing Flowers to Match One’s Personality

Choosing Flowers to Match One’s Personality

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or sending a thoughtful gift, flowers are the perfect way to commemorate any occasion. No matter the occasion or reason, there is a type of flower that can help symbolize feelings, thoughts, and even personalities. That’s because flowers have long been recognized as more than just a pretty gift or decoration. In fact, people have been learning about what flowers represent for centuries. But, what does a flower say about you? We’ll take a look at some of the most popular flowers and learn a bit more about the personality traits in these flowers.  


A rose is a classic flower. Used for just about any occasion, roses can represent romance, love, and tradition. Roses come in a variety of colors that represent certain aspects of romance, passion, and heartfelt thoughts. No matter what the color or the occasion, roses are one of the most popular flowers for weddings and other romantic occasions.

What a Rose Says About You:

Because roses are often used for romance, it’s no surprise that if roses are your favorite flower that you are a romantic at heart. Those who love roses often have a classic and timeless style and love tradition. You may also be a bit of a perfectionist too.  


Carnations are simple, yet elegant. But, sometimes carnations are an overlooked flower because of their simple nature. Carnations are a classic flower that fits well into any type of bouquet or as a stand-alone flower. That’s because their variety of colors and simple nature make them easily adaptable to any situation or occasion.

What a Carnation Says About You:

Those who like carnations tend to be down-to-earth and easy-going. Like carnations, you like simplicity. But, you can also easily adapt to any situation or scenario too.  


Exotic and mysterious, orchids are a symbol of luxury, beauty, and strength. Orchids are a stand-alone flower that are ideal for home decor or as a gift to a friend or loved one. Orchids come in just about every color of the rainbow and has over 25,000 different types -- making them super unique and personalized.

What an Orchid Says About You:

If you love orchids, chances are you love anything quirky or unique. That’s because, like you, orchids are anything but cookie cutter. Orchids are known for their exotic nature, and you might also be known for being unique and or a bit mysterious.  


Thoughtful and sweet. That’s the tulip. Tulips are known for their bright, vibrant colors. And, a tulip can be used for so many occasions. Like the roses, tulips are also known for love and have been often associated with true love. Because they are a springtime flower, tulips are also often thought to represent rebirth.

What a Tulip Says About You:

Those who love tulips often known for being sensitive and sweet. Like the tulip, you are easy to love. And, you are well-liked by just about everyone. You also can adapt to just about any occasion with ease. 


Daisies just might be the most cheerful flower. It’s the perfect way to brighten anyone’s day and make them smile. Daisies are often the symbol of friendship and of innocence, especially if they are white.  

What a Daisy Says About You:

Those who love daisies are also known for their cheerful nature. You are also a true optimist and love to make others laugh and smile. Daisy lovers are trusted friends that you can always count on. 


Subtle and simple is the nature of a violet. Because these beautiful flowers only bloom a few times a year, violets are often used sparingly in bouquets or as gifts. But, their beauty and color make them a wonderful addition to any floral arrangement.

What a Violet Says About You:

If you like violets, you are likely a bit on the reserved side. You like to keep things low-key and simple. And, you may be a pretty private person. But, anyone who knows you knows that once they are your friend, you will remain loyal and true.


Bright and happy. That’s the essence of a sunflower. Sunflowers brighten up any day or any occasion. And, they are perfect for decorating your home or as a gift to cheer someone up. That’s because their bright yellow color makes any recipient feel welcome and loved.

What a Sunflower Says About You: 

Like the sunflower, you have a bright and sunny disposition. You’re warm and approachable and make friends everywhere you go. Those who love sunflowers are known for being friendly and optimistic -- just like the sunny sunflower.

Flower Power: Finding Your Personality in Your Favorite Flower

Whether you’re a fan of the exotic orchid or love a classic rose, there are so many different types of flowers to help you express the way that you feel. And, as we’ve learned, flowers can say a lot about our own personalities. So no matter the occasion, let your favorite flower help you celebrate in your own unique way.

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