Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Like trying to find the perfect wedding dress, deciding on the right invitation for your wedding day is a pretty important decision. Not only does it tell your guests important details about your special day, but it’s also their first impression of your wedding style and theme.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding invitation.


Knowing your budget early on can help you decide what kinds of wedding invitations to buy. Some wedding invitations can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Others, can cost a few thousand dollars. It all depends on the budget you have and the types of cards or card services you want to use to mark your special day.

One important consideration that will affect your budget? You’ll want to decide how many invitations you need to purchase. Do take a look at your guest list, and think about how many invitations you will actually need. That way you don’t buy too many or too few invitations.


Style matters when it comes to your wedding invitations. Is your wedding a formal event? Do you have a rustic theme? Are you into modern design? Think about your wedding venue, your color scheme, and other details that reflect your style and theme too.

Because your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will get of your wedding theme, you’ll want to make it sure reflects your theme perfectly. But, don’t worry about trying to incorporate every aspect of your wedding theme and style, including colors, into your wedding invitation. Remember this rule of thumb. Less is more.


Sticking with a consistent color scheme for your wedding helps bring together a cohesive theme. You’ll want to think about adding just a splash of color into all the aspects of your wedding, and that includes your wedding invitations. Even if your cards are simple, adding a bit of color to them will add that extra something to make your invitations pop. But, be careful not to use too much color. Too much color can make your invitation hard to read.

Invitation Design

Once you have your budget and theme set and your colors chosen, it’s time to think about your invitation design. Wedding invitation designs can vary from very traditional to completely unique and eclectic. Consider your personal tastes. What might be perfect for one couple may not be for another. Not sure where to start with invitation design inspiration? Check out sites like Pinterest where you can browse designs and ideas to get you started.

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Wedding Invitation Vendors or DIY?

If you’re looking to save yourself a lot of time and stress, choosing a wedding invitation vendor can be a great bet. You’ll find a variety of styles and designs for every couple’s preferences. Plus, the wedding invitations your purchase from a wedding invitation vendor can often be customized too at a reasonable price. As a bonus, many wedding invitation vendors will even offer recipient addressing to help make sending your invitations to guests even easier.

Feeling crafty? Then do-it-yourself wedding invitations might be perfect for you. DIY mean your invitations will be completely unique and personalized. But, they can be pricier and more time consuming to make than you might think. Still, if you’re looking for that personal touch, DIY may just be the perfect option.

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Save the Date

And, don’t forget a save-the-date card. Sending this out early tells your guests to expect a formal invitation in the future and allows them to plan for any time off or travel needed to your wedding. Not sure when you should send out a save-the-date or rules of etiquette for it? The Knot offers a lot of information on wedding etiquette, including specific save-the-date etiquette tips. The most important tip? Make sure your save-the-date card has the same theme and style as your wedding invitation.


Finding the perfect wedding invitation can be easy with these simple tips. Soon, you’ll be on your way to sending out invitations for your special day that reflect your wedding theme and personal style.

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