The Top 10 DIY Wedding Gifts that Anyone Can Make

The Top 10 DIY Wedding Gifts that Anyone Can Make

The Top 10 DIY Wedding Gifts that Anyone Can Make

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing -- wedding season. With May, June, and August ranking as the most popular months for weddings, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be invited to several weddings during this year’s wedding season. And, of course, with weddings come wedding gifts. But, wedding gifts can be expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and unique way to celebrate the happy couples, why not consider making your own wedding gifts? DIY wedding gifts are the perfect way to commemorate the occasion in a unique and affordable way. Not sure where to start or what kinds of DIY wedding gifts to make? We’ll take a look at the top 10 DIY wedding gifts that anyone can make easily and affordably that add a personal touch to gift giving.

  1. Gift Baskets

One of the easiest DIY wedding gifts that doesn’t require a lot of craft know-how or extra time and effort is a gift basket. Gift baskets can range from simple to elaborate and can incorporate a theme or personalized touch for the bride and groom. A simple gift basket might include classic items perfect for romance, like chocolates and wine. Or, you can go all out with a unique theme. One of our favorite ideas is to create a wine gift basket with 12 bottles of wine -- one wine for each month of their first year of marriage. That’s a perfect way for the couple to celebrate being newlyweds and be reminded of your gift the entire year. The possibilities for creating a DIY gift basket are endless. So, let your imagination run wild with a unique theme or personalized touch.

  1. Recipe Collection

Whether you’re creating a list of your favorite recipes or collecting recipes from friends and family, there’s something special about a recipe book as a wedding present. This DIY wedding gift can be simple, with handwritten recipe cards in a box or album; or, you can create a professionally printed recipe book with a collection or theme of recipes unique to the couple. One of our favorite DIY recipe collection ideas is to ask friends, family, or those on the wedding guest list to contribute one of their personal recipes to share with the bride and groom. This is a memorable way for the couple to remember their special day and their guests for years to come.

  1. Photo Collage or Album 

Photos are a classic DIY wedding gift. From creating a photo album, book, or collage, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate photos into a DIY wedding gift project. One of the most popular ways to celebrate with photos is to create a collection of photos from the couple’s life. For those who might want a simpler option or want to create something completely personalized, consider making your own homemade picture frame and include a photo you know the couple is sure to love.

  1. Homemade Candles 

Candles are the perfect DIY wedding gift for those who want a project that’s a bit more crafty. And, making candles isn’t too complicated. There’s lots of resources online from blogs to YouTube videos to help you get started on a candle making project. It’s also the perfect way to completely personalize and give the bride and groom a truly unique gift that they won’t get anywhere else. You can even create candles with specific scents and colors for even more customization. One of our favorite ideas is to use colors from the couple’s wedding or home to add in even more of a personal touch.

  1. Bath Soaps & Body Scrubs

Another popular DIY wedding gift is making bath soaps and body scrubs. Just like candles, making custom bath soaps and body scrubs will be a truly unique and customized gift for the couple. It’s also great for those who want more of a crafty project. You’ll find plenty of resources and tips on how to make bath products online from blogs to YouTube videos too. Be sure to think about any allergies or skin sensitivities before making this kind of DIY wedding gift though. So, your wedding present doesn’t turn into a memorable gift for the wrong reasons!

  1. Herb Planters

For the couple that likes to cook or garden, you can’t go wrong with herb planters for an easy and low-cost DIY wedding gift. Herb planters make excellent gifts and are sure to last a long-time with good gardening care. For the DIYer who likes a more crafty project, you can paint or craft your own planters and plant markers for a truly personalized touch. If you’re looking for a more low-key DIY project, you’ll find plenty of herb planter kits on the market to get you started too. One of our favorite ideas for herb planters is to create an herb planter theme, such as Italian herbs or all-purpose cooking herbs.

  1. Quilts & Blankets

One of the most classic DIY wedding gifts. In fact, this might be one of the oldest wedding gift giving traditions. This is a great DIY project for anyone who has experience sewing or crafting. Plus, it offers endless options for customization -- making your gift totally unique from any other and giving you the option to create something truly memorable. It’s also a gift that the couple can use practically every day or bring out for special occasions. Not sure a quilting or sewing project is your speed? There are lots of ways you can actually make custom blankets now with minimal (and sometimes no) sewing required!

  1. Hand-Painted Dishes

For the truly crafty gift giver, you can’t get more crafty than making your own hand-painted dishes. Whether you’re making a few custom mugs and bowls or creating an entire set of hand-painted dishes, your options for creating one-of-a-kind dishware are endless. This kind of DIY gift project usually requires a bit more craftiness and effort. But, they are also lots of pottery and ceramic shops that offer hand-painted crafts to help make tackling this type of DIY wedding gift project a little easier too.

  1. Personalized Coasters

Another DIY wedding gift that can be as easy or elaborate as you want it to be are personalized coasters. If you’re interested in a more crafty project, consider buying your own materials and designs when creating personalized coasters. If you’re looking for a simpler DIY personalized coaster, you can find services like Shutterfly that can help you create DIY photo coasters with limited craftiness required. Our favorite personalized coasters include ones with photos, monograms, or even city maps from the couple’s hometown.

  1. Handmade Cheese Board

Some of the most popular wedding gifts have a food or entertaining theme. A handmade cheese board is the perfect DIY wedding gift that covers both of these themes in one unique gift. This type of DIY wedding gift project does require a bit more craftiness to make. But, you can easily find tutorials online to help you get started. If making a handmade cheese board seems a bit too complicated, you can also find handmade versions in online stores like Etsy that are handcrafted and that you can help customize too -- making it a good option for those who want a DIY project but don’t have as much crafting experience. Our personal favorite idea for a handmade cheese board is to look for local wood native to the couple’s hometown or region for a unique and memorable touch.

Say “I Do!” to DIY Wedding Gifts

No matter what type of DIY wedding gift you’re interested in making, there are endless options for customization and personalization. Even better? There’s something for every budget and level of crafting experience too. With a bit of research, DIY magic, and personalized touch, the wedding gifts you give this wedding season will be cherished by the happy couple. And, don’t forget to include a beautiful, handwritten card like the ones on HeartSpace Cards too. It’s the perfect way to complete your DIY wedding gift with a personalized and handmade touch.