Making Your Office Functional and Beautiful

Making Your Office Functional and Beautiful

Style & Function: The Top 10 Supplies to Make Your Office Functional and Beautiful

If you work in a job with an office, chances are the office design is pretty plain. Whether you’re in a cubicle or have your own office, you don’t have to stick with a boring or generic space. In fact, with just a few simple and easy touches, you can make your work space functional, beautiful, and totally personalized to you. From colorful sticky notes to decorative notebooks, there’s just about every office supply style and design to create a personal workspace that you’ll want to spend time in and that shows off your unique personality. Here is a list of some of the best office supplies to help do your job and make your workspace beautiful.

  1. Pens & Pen Cups

Even if you work mostly online, just about everyone needs at least a few pens on hand in their office for those offline tasks, like writing notes or signing important documents. But, pens can be generic. So, why not add a bit of color, style, and personal flair with pens? Incorporating pens with a pop of color or a stylish design can add a bit of brightness and style to your office space without a lot of effort. For even more style and function, why not add in a pen cup that coordinates with your pens, color scheme, and personal preferences? You can find pen cups that are just as colorful as your pens. Or, look for one with specific textures or designs for another easy and low-key design element that is functional, yet personalized. 

  1. Paper Clips & Paper Clip Holders

Another common office supply that most people have are paper clips. Simple and generic, consider upping the style game by incorporating paper clips that are colorful or that have unique designs. Just like having pens with a bit of stylish flair, the simple addition of paper clips with a touch of personality to them is an easy and low-stakes design element to help make your office space your own. And, don’t forget to include a paper clip holder too. You can add in the same color scheme or patterns to these and your other office supplies for a cohesive and stylish look.

  1. Sticky Notes

An office space isn’t the same without the classic sticky note. Up the style factor, with your favorite colors, designs, or even personalized sticky notes for a unique and functional way to write notes and reminders. If you’re creating an office space with an overall theme, choose color schemes that match the rest of your office supplies and decor.

  1. Staplers

There’s probably nothing more basic and plain than a stapler. The quintessential office supply, it’s known for its functionality and definitely not for style. But, you can add in a bit of style to even the most functional of office supplies by incorporating color to your stapler. Look for colors that are bright and cheery, or choose your favorite color. Although they’re a bit harder to find, you can find staplers with designs on them too.

  1. Scissors

Scissors are another functional and plain office supply that you can add a bit of personal style too. Look for scissor handles with color or even ones with design elements to them. Mix, match, and cut away with function and flair.

  1. Notebooks, Planners, and Other Paper Products

Probably one of the easiest office supplies to completely customize with your personal preferences and style are paper products. From notebooks to planners and everything in between, the paper products you use in your office have so many options for style and function. If you like certain colors or designs, you can choose those. You can even pick personalized options, like monograms and photos to make your office supplies totally your own.

  1. Calendars

Whether you’re using a paper calendar or one on your computer, you can add some personal style to an important office supply that helps keep you on track and on time. If you’re using a paper calendar, consider one with specific design elements or your favorite color. You can also create really unique and fun wall calendars for even more of a personalized touch. If you’re using an online calendar, consider having a version of it that’s functional, simple, and easy to read on your computer monitor for a bit of a personalized touch.

  1. Business Card Holders 

If you have business cards, you may not get to choose the design or style. But, you can incorporate some design elements with business card holders. Whether you use something more basic and traditional or add in a modern touch, you can make sure that your business card holder is as functional as it needs to be, while reflecting your own personal style.

  1. File Organizers

If you use a lot of paper or files in your office, why not add a customized file organizer for a style and complete functionality? File organizers help keep you organized. And, adding some style elements to them is another way to personalize your office. Just like many of the other office supplies here, you can look for specific colors, designs, or even materials to help you stay organized and stylish at the same time.

  1. Tech Chargers & Outlets

Not everything is analog these days. In fact, most people spend time in their office on their computers and office devices. If that’s the case, then looking for style elements in your devices and device accessories is another way to create a personalized workspace. Consider adding in colorful charger cables or even outlets with unique designs like cartoons or your favorite animal. 

Work in Style: Stocking Your Office with Functional & Beautiful Office Supplies 

No matter what kind of office supplies you need to be productive, you’ll find a lot of different options to create stylish, yet functional supplies. Whether you’re incorporating specific colors and patterns or adding in unique, personalized designs, your office space can reflect your personal style and flair while remaining functional for your daily work tasks. Looking for more inspiration to personalize and customize your workspace? Check out our article on the Top 10 Decorating Ideas for Your Work Desk (link to article) to help you show your personality and unique style while you’re in the office.