Memorable Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Memorable Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

‘Tis the Season: The Most Memorable Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Without Giving Gifts

The holiday season is almost here. And, one of the most popular ways to celebrate is by giving gifts to friends, co-workers, and loved ones. But, you don’t have to give gifts to make your holidays memorable. In fact, statistics have shown that more than half of all American adults feel pressured to overspend during the holidays. And, over 50% of people receive gifts that they don’t really want. With this in mind, why not consider a holiday season that’s gift giving free? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can make your holiday season memorable without giving gifts.

Merry & Bright: Enjoying a Gift-Free Holiday Season 

When it comes to having happy holidays, you don’t need gifts to make the season merry and bright. But, what are some of the best ways to celebrate the season gift-free? Of course, this really depends on your family’s personal preferences and holiday traditions. But, there are lots of ways you can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about picking the right gifts or spending too much (or too little) on your friends and loved ones. Here are a few of the best ways that you can enjoy a gift-free holiday season.  

Bake Together

Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate during the holidays without giving gifts is to bake. Baking is one popular holiday tradition that just about everyone does in some way or another. Choose your favorite holiday baked goods, like sugar cookies or gingerbread houses, and get the whole family involved. There’s nothing more fun than baking a batch of cookies, decorating them, and then getting to enjoy them together. Want to make the whole holiday season a baking bonanza? Consider baking challenges like 12 days of holiday baking to celebrate the holidays.

Decorate Your Home

Just because you aren’t giving gifts, doesn’t mean your home can’t have holiday decorations and a Christmas tree. One of the most fun and memorable holiday traditions is to decorate for the season. Whether you prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up decorations or you want to celebrate the season as long as possible, decorating your home as a family is a wonderful holiday tradition to celebrate each year.

Watch Holiday Movies

Watching holiday movies is a time honored tradition that is so popular that channels like Hallmark and Lifetime get started early to help you countdown to Christmas. Whether you’re watching new holiday movies or those classic like It’s a Wonderful Life and a Christmas Story, you’re bound to find holiday movies that the whole family will love. Make a batch of hot cocoa, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the magic of holiday movies.


The season of giving doesn’t have to be about presents. In fact, one of the best ways to give is to volunteer your time to help others. Whether it’s spending time volunteering at a local food bank, homeless shelter, or even a retirement home, there are plenty of ways that you can give the gift of time and service to others. Not sure where to start when looking for volunteer opportunities during the holiday season? Contact your local chapter of the Salvation Army, food banks, and homeless shelters to discover the ways that you can help during the holiday season and year-round.

Give a Family Charity Gift 

If volunteering your time isn’t feasible, consider giving a charitable gift as a family. Even though it’s technically a “gift,” this is a meaningful way to give to others who really need it during the holiday season. You can find local charities or national ones to donate too. One popular charitable gift is to sponsor a family in need during the holiday season. This can include helping to provide food, bill pay assistance, and gifts. Make the holidays memorable by helping others during the season of giving.

Relax & Spend Time Together as a Family

There’s no better way to make the holiday season memorable than by spending time with the ones you love. Whether it’s relaxing at home or visiting your local holiday festivities as a family, there are lots of ways to enjoy the holidays without giving gifts. Consider your favorite ways to celebrate and make it a tradition each year!

Host a Holiday Potluck

One of the most popular ways to celebrate during the holiday season is having a get-together with friends and family. Hosting a holiday potluck is a great way to enjoy mixing and mingling with your loved ones gift-free. Potlucks are a great option too, so that everyone can contribute their favorite dish to pass -- without putting the financial responsibility on one person to host the entire holiday festivities.

Enjoy a Festive Feast

If a big friends and family potluck is not your speed, having a festive feast for your family is another wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season gift-free. Get the whole family involved in the food preparation -- from deciding what food to serve at your holiday feast to putting together dishes before serving. Holiday food is one of the best holiday traditions you can enjoy without worrying about having to give gifts.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Making the Most of Your Holidays Without Giving Gifts

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, there’s so many ways you can make the holidays memorable without giving gifts. Whether you’re spending time with friends and family at home or volunteering your time at a local shelter, you’ll find that having yourself a merry little Christmas is easy to do gift-free.

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