Bonsai Nature Card

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Feel inspired by the beauty and zen nature of the Bonsai, a traditional Asian art form of keeping small trees in containers. Featuring a wooden Bonsai tree surrounded by lush mountains, this card inspires travel to far off destinations, calm, and wellness.

Inside the card, you’ll find a large amount of blank space set in front of a serene view of a mountain range, trees, and birds in flight with plenty of room to write an inspirational note to the recipient.

Front: N/A 
Inside: N/A

Perfect For
This memorable wooden card is perfect for almost any occasion and for anybody. It is also a perfect card to send from a travel destination, such as Japan, or for those who want to share an inspirational message. 

This is a great stand-alone gift that is capable of carrying your thoughtful message.


Material: Bamboo
Card Size: 4 1/5 in.  x  6 in.  x  1/3 in. (107mm  x  154mm  x  8 1/2mm)
Envelope Size: 5 in.  x 6 3/4 in. (129mm  x  182mm)

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